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MND - About Us

Perhaps other hair providers have disappointed you in the past.

We promise we will not!

It's our job and responsibility to brainstorm and produce a hair solution that meets your need and expectations in both appearance and performance.

We will work with you to devise an optimum hair solution both from a cost and hair technology perspective which accomplishes that goal. 

Ultimately, your satisfaction!


Discover MND 

Owners Debbie and Monika have been in the Hair Restoration Industry for over 20 years combined.


Debbie's passion comes from personal experience of hair loss and hair thinning. Once a client herself, she was determined to open her own studio so she can help every man, woman, and child that struggled with the same issues she did.


Monika has always had a fascination with the power of hair transformation and how it changes lives! She has plugged herself into the industry 100% and now owns her own studio where her creativity and skills can flourish into creating the very best look for YOU! 

Debbie and Monika will work together with you, every step of the way, to ensure you get exactly what you need to look and feel your very best!


- Debbie -

Meet the Owners


- Monika -

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