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Laser Light Therapy


We offer two forms of treatment: Capillus Clinical Strength in our studio or

Laser Treatments in the comfort and privacy of your own home with Theradome.

Laser Light Therapy treatments are FDA approved and guaranteed to stop losing more hair.

Lasers produce coherent light, meaning laser light waves align and travel in synchronicity in order to penetrate the scalp at a specific depth required to reach the base of a hair follicle.

No other light source (i.e. LEDs) can achieve this scalp penetration.

By treating the base of hair follicles, the laser hair growth treatment ensures it stimulates the mitochondria of hair cells. The mitochondria then produce the cell energy that is harnessed by hair follicles.


Creating the ideal environment for healthy hair to new long-lasting hair to flourish and grow quicker.


Compare Commercial Treatments with

At Home Laser Treatments

Commerical Treatment

  • Aggressive number of Diodes more than any at-home treatment device

  • Treatment time approx. 12 minutes

  • Results in 4 to 6 months

  • Monitored by a Specialist

At Home Treatment

  • Approx. 80 Diodes

  • Treatment time 20 minutes

  • Results in 12 months

  • Monitored by Yourself

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