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MND Hair Systems-Men

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Compare our Systems -

Custom and Ready-To-Wear Hair Systems

At MND we offer the latest in non-surgical hair replacement systems that are lightweight, comfortable, and totally natural in appearance and to the touch.

Our Concealed Hairline gives you the opportunity to not only look natural as you once did but also do all the everyday activities that you may have stopped doing because of hair loss or thinning.

Concealed Hairline (CHL) is a customized human hair unit that suits your needs and looks with no detection.

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Compare Custom Hair Systems with our

Ready-To-Wear Hair Systems

At MND, whether you are choosing a ready-to-wear hair replacement system or a custom-made system, there is no compromise on how it will look, how it will feel, or the quality of hair.

All of our ready-to-wear men’s hair systems are machine-made to the same high-quality design and manufacturing standards used on our custom hand-made hair systems.


We have ready-to-wear systems available in most shapes from small to full. We can cut, style, and blend your system to fit your preferences. 

Detailed Comparison of Features

Custom Hair Systems

Ready-to-Wear Hair Systems

  • For extensive and permanent hair loss

  • Semi-permanent attachment (can sleep, shower, and swim underwater

  • Made to stock/common specifications

  • Machine-made

  • Standard scalp sizes - small and large

  • Variety of base types

  • Variety of hair densities

  • Variety of hair lengths

  • Limited pattern of hair curl or wave

  • Limited hair colors; some with gray blends

  • High definition natural front hairline

  • Limited contour hair base shapes

  • Manufacturing is more consistent because of being machine made

  • There is a 1 week turnaround time for orders (longer if requiring style or blending

  • For extensive and permanent hair loss

  • Semi-permanent attachment (can sleep, shower, and swim underwater

  • Custom-made to your specifications

  • Handmade

  • Custom-fitted to your specific scalp size (any size)

  • Choice of hair base type (lace, thin skin, monofilament)

  • Choice of hair densities

  • Choice of hair length

  • Choice of hair curl or wave

  • Custom hair color, blends, and highlights

  • High definition natural front hairline

  • Available in all base shape and sizes, from the small front hairline to full coverage caps

  • Please note - Because the units are handmade, manufacturing can be inconsistent between orders

  • There is an 8-12 week turnaround time for orders

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